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Canal D'Amour, Peroulades

Peroulades is a small picturesque town located in the north western part of corfu, located next to the sister town of Sidari. Over the years it has evolved into a popular tourist destination due to its spectacular landscape of beaches. Some of its main attractions are the Canal D'Amour and Apotripiti beaches which are located only 5 minutes walking distance from Tondoris Apartments. 


In addition to the various beaches,  Peroulade offers a large variety of different places to eat and shop making it an ideal place of choice for a relaxing holiday break in Greece. Most of the restaurants and shops are located in Sidari main street. Those considering a more authentic Greek experience should not skip visiting the center of  Peroulades, only a couple of miles from Sidari. Peroulades is indeed a hidden gem right on the tip of Greece. It offers access to Cape Drastis and Loggas (Sunset) Beach, two of the most iconic places in Corfu. Additionally you get to taste real authentic greek food in one of the few but highly recommended family run tavernas.

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